Beat thrush this summer!

With summer now in full swing, we know it can be a difficult time for people suffering with thrush.

Did you know there are more cases of thrush during the summer months? It mainly occurs in the summer months as the weather is warmer and people are swimming more.

Thrush and fungal infections occur all year round however, they particularly thrive throughout the summer months, this is due to the warm and moist conditions, making areas of the body that get sweaty in summer perfect habitats.

Some top tips to note for preventing thrush and fungal infection this summer:

Keep clean and dry
Good personal hygiene practices can help keep fungus at bay. Keeping your skin clean and dry is one of the best ways to prevent fungal infections. Wash your body regularly and dry off thoroughly, before putting on clean, dry clothes.

Change your undies, socks and gym gear daily
Clothes that get sweaty or are in close contact with the body, like underwear, should be changed each day, or after you exercise. Make sure you put on fresh clothes each time you go to the gym or work out.

Dry those sweaty shoes
Closed-in shoes, like sneakers, can create a perfect environment for fungi to thrive, especially in warm and humid summer weather. Try to give shoes a chance to dry out after wearing them, and consider taking a second pair on holidays if they’ll get a lot of use or may get damp.

Change out of your togs after swimming
If you’ve been cooling off in the pool or at the beach, change out of soggy swimmers and into clean, dry clothing, to prevent fungal infections like thrush and jock itch.

Wear footwear in public showers and bathrooms
Protect your feet from fungus by wearing easy-to-dry shoes when using public showers and change rooms.

Look after your immune system
Looking after your body by eating a well-balanced diet and getting enough exercise and rest will help promote a healthy immune system which can keep fungus in check.

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