The Ultimate Gift Guide for Eczema Sufferers

Does anyone else hear bells jingling in the distance? Yes, it’s almost that time of year again! When the Christmas season rolls around, it can be really tough to find suitable gifts for those we love who have skin conditions. Almost all the shower gel and shampoo combinations are off the table, certain Christmas foods are a no-go and it can be a short time before you consider giving up altogether. Fear not! Salcura is here with a list of handy gifts that the eczema-prone, sensitive-skinned in your life will absolutely love.

1. Gratitude Journal

They might sound a bit corny, but a gratitude journal is a great gift for anyone suffering with skin conditions and, more than that, with the anxiety that so often accompanies them. A wise person once said that “your focus determines your reality,” and a gratitude journal is perfect for refining that focus. They reduce stress (which can really help relieve skin issues) and help you focus on the good stuff, as well as mapping your progress, not just with your skin, but with your life.

2. Silken Nightwear and/or Bed Sheets

The ultimate in luxury bedding, this one isn’t just for those with sensitive skin. Silken bedding has an exceptionally luxurious feel, as well as being soft on skin. Your clothes rubbing on your skin at night-time is among the main culprits of skin reddening and the exacerbation of existing conditions. Give someone you care about a real gift, not just of some nice pyjamas or bedding, but of a great night’s sleep.

3. Salcura Face and Body Washes

As we said, most of the classic shampoo and body wash combos from the big retailers are off the table if you have sensitive skin, as they can contain a number of harsh synthetics that may aggravate your loved one's dry or eczema-prone skin. The idea itself however isn’t one to sniff at - how nice is it to give someone a product that is perfect for them, especially if you know they've been struggling to find something that won't upset their skin. Give your loved one some of our Salcura Face and/or Body Wash. They’re made from all-natural ingredients and will nourish and hydrate the skin.

4. Stylish Humidifier/Diffuser

Eczema-sufferers can really struggle in winter, as the heating gets turned on and the air our homes dries out. More than simply a practical gift, humidifiers don’t just keep the humidity levels in your house in check, but also look great and give a relaxing aromatherapy experience. These days humidifiers can be found in all the major retailers and are starting to take on a role as a style-piece, as well as being functional.

5. Bamboo Basics

Just like silken bedding, bamboo can be an excellent alternative to traditional clothing. It’s growing in popularity by the day, too! Vest tops, leggings and especially active wear are becoming easier and easier to find in bamboo because it’s been discovered to be more sustainable/durable, softer and more breathable than traditional fabrics, which is great news for those with allergic skin conditions!

6. Salcura Zeoderm and DermaSpray

Have you heard friends or family talk about trying different remedies for their skin or how they’d like to get off the sticky, oily, prescribed steroid creams? Our Zeoderm and DermaSpray are fantastic alternatives, gentle to the touch and kind on skin, always. This 2-Step Therapy System is one of a kind and especially developed as a natural solution for those who suffer from eczema, psoriasis and severely dry skin. Give your loved one something new to try and show them you've been listening to their struggles.

7. Natural Cleaning Products for the Home

It might not sound like the most obvious choice for a Christmas gift, but natural cleaning products are special, because they don’t contain harmful chemicals that  can do damage to your body and skin. Put them in a rustic wicker basket with some eco-friendly cleaning brushes to make a cute little bundle.

8. 'Healthy' Chocolate

Among many people’s trigger foods is dairy and, I’m sure you’re aware, the worst time of the year to be a chocolate lover is Christmas, ESPECIALLY if you can’t partake yourself. There are so many great alternatives now that are dairy-free, vegan and incredibly tasty! A good starting point is always a high-quality dark chocolate with a high level of cacao solids, but if your loved one is not a fan, you could also try carob chocolate for a smoother (but still natural and dairy-free) alternative.

See anything someone might like? We’re sure there’s something in there to tickle your fancy and not your skin!